Ayurvedic Health Tips to Boost Your Immune System

Sharadini Arun Dhanukar gives us an excellent and apt description of Ayurveda. He says that Ayurveda is a holistic science that lays emphasis on preserving and promoting the fitness of healthy individuals besides giving methods for the treatment of diseases. Good health is vital, and you must maintain your well being at all times. You should not only take care of your health when you are sick, but you should also ensure that you achieve the soundness of the body, organs, and mind at all times. One of the ways to do this is to boost your immune system through natural and holistic methods. Stay tuned! (Fade out)

In Ayurveda, the body is seen as a ripe field where diseases or destructive bugs can develop. Where the body is out of balance and filled with Amas – the lethal side-effects of incomplete digestion, bacteria, and viruses will thrive and grow. However, when food is absorbed well by the body, Ojas – the product of complete metabolism, will be produced in enormous amounts. Ojas has a reinforcing impact on your immune system. When it prevails over Amas, diseases find it extremely difficult to take hold. Ayurveda is the science of life, and it has a fundamental, simple kind of approach, which is that we are part of the universe. In this video, you’ll learn how to indulge in natural and holistic ways with spiritual insight and practical experience to boost your immune system. Don’t go anywhere! (Fade out)

The Ayurvedic mindset stipulates that a robust immune system requires an effective digestive system, functional liver, and a balanced endocrine system for balancing your hormones. Immunity of the body against sickness and disease is connected to your Ojas. Let’s look at some of the best ways to boost your immune system through Ayurveda.

  • Diet
  • Minimize Stress
  • Balanced Sleep
  • Supportive Mind Exercise
  • Appropriate Body Exercise

#1: Diet: A low-fat, plant-based eating regimen is one of the best ways to improve your immune system. Your body relies on white blood cells to produce antibodies to battle microscopic organisms and infections. Research shows that vegetable lovers have appeared to have more progressive and powerful white blood cells compared to nonvegetarians. This is due tothe high consumption of vitamins and low intake of fat.

The right diet can also help out with maintaining a healthy weight. Obesity is connected to higher risks for infections like the flu and pneumonia, as well as other related diseases. Plant-based eating regimens are perfect for weight reduction since they are power-packed with significant levels of fiber, without adding any more calories. To boost your immune system, you should restructure your diet to include foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Some nutrients you should endeavor to include in your meals are beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, vitamin D, and zinc. These foods help you eliminate unwanted toxins and support your body’s natural immune response to diseases and viral infections. Don’t forget, it is crucial to have a balanced diet!

#2: Minimize Stress: Stress management is a significant point to take note of in choosing natural immune-boosting methods for your body. All things considered, stress is incredibly unfavorable to the immune system. This is because stress stifles the immune system. Reducing your stress levels will protect your Ojas and support your immune system.

Your body’s physiology is particularly adjusted to some feeling of consistency. The Ayurvedic method recommends a daily schedule for everybody. A consistent routine helps to safeguard your immunity levels and preserve your Ojas. This routine serves as a reference point that tells your nervous system to relax, eliminate pressure levels, and encourages healthy rejuvenation. Setting up a consistent daily routine is very easy. All you need to do is ensure that you wake up, eat meals, and go to bed at the same time every day. If you want to see even more amazing results, keep up a predictable and consistent work schedule.

#3: Balanced Sleep: Rest is fundamentally critical to your immunity framework. Research shows that when animals are deprived of sleep for long periods, they go through a complete loss of immunity against diseases, resulting in death. For the human body, lack of adequate sleep is very harmful to the health and general wellness of your body.

good sleep for immune system
Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

While sleep is essential, you must also know that quality sleep is what matters. Personally, I recommend that you hit the sack and get up at consistent times every day. This way, your body adapts to times of rest and work, allowing adequate synchronization. This will boost your immune system to fight against all the bad stuff more effectively. To stay healthy, make sure you get the recommended seven to eight hours of quality sleep every night. If your sleep schedule is interrupted because of your work schedule, catch up on it with lots of naps in the daytime! Sweet dreams!

#4: Supportive Mind Exercises: Mental health is very essential for your general well being. If you want to boost your immunity against diseases, make sure that your mental health is stellar. The Ayurvedic tradition features some subtle therapies for your mental health. Each one of them helps to develop the quality of your ojas and get rid of harmful toxins. Some Ayurvedic mind exercises are:

  • Meditation: Meditation helps us develop passive awareness and encourages us to engage with our lives in a clearer and more detached way. This quietens our sensory system, reduces pressure, and allows for a more favorable reaction to stressful and upsetting situations. When you meditate, you can re-design your mind, ultimately preserving your Ojas and preserving your immune system.
  • Pranayama: Prana is regarded as the vital breath. It is the embodiment of the power that animates every one. Imbibing prana establishes consistent fluidity and vitality to the energy channels of the body. When you engage in Pranayama (yogic breathing exercises), you help your body release accumulated tension and also support your nervous system.
  • Yoga: Yoga is a very effective mind exercise that also moves prana in the body. Ayurveda offers a great way to deal with yoga that assists with adjusting and balancing the doshas that need the most consideration in boosting your immune system. Yoga helps reduce tension in your body and helps clear up your mental and emotional spheres.

#5: Appropriate Body Exercises: Exercises are very important for your well being. However, the wrong exercises can be very harmful to your body. Ayurveda offers the point of view that the forms of exercises we engage in relies much on who we are as people. As a result, you must determine which of your doshas need the most attention, so you can do the right exercises. The appropriate exercises help to let go of accumulated tension, improve blood circulation, and improve your immunity levels.


Ayurveda lets us know that ojas and a robust immune system are the typical results of good health, which depends on a supportive lifestyle, healthy diet, and a well-balanced nervous system. To boost your immune system, all you need to do is take good care of your health. Our bodies would normally thrive with the right amount of care and rest, so you must make sure to give your body all the good things it needs. This way, you can do without getting sick at all, and keep a completely sound mind and body. The Ayurvedic tradition is holistic and individual-based, so what works for one person might not work for you. It is crucial that you know your own strengths and weaknesses so that you can balance your doshas the right way.

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